Naazir Ra
(Nah'zeer Rah) visionary, author, lecturer and life mastery coach

Naazir Ra has been a student of metaphysics, religion and psychology for over two decades. He has studied Arabic, Hebrew and the Kemetic Hieroglyphs in his quest to understand human spirituality. Naazir holds a Bachelor's Degree from Georgia State University in education with a concentrations in history and science. He also holds a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from the University of West Georgia. 

In 1999, Naazir produced a best selling meditation CD entitled, The Sleeping Serpent: Morning Meditation. The CD has been a tremendous success and continues to receive outstanding feedback because of how fast and effective it is. His first book, The Hidden Self: A Guide to the Metaphysical Self  is located in bookstores nationwide and continues astound critics world-wide. His second book, The Hidden Power: How to Manifest Your Dreams is rocking the world of personal development as he gives practical techniques to attract anything your desire into your life. Recently, Naazir has released his latest book, The Access Codes to Zion: How to Live on the Frequency which is being critically acclaimed as his most powerful book to date! The book was released with the Zion Meditation Series which makes the effectiveness of his teachings exponential.

Naazir Ra is the executive producer and a featured expert in the hit documentary film, The Hidden Self: A Deeper Secret, based on questions he received from around the world based on the ground breaking concepts his first book. The movie has been met with world-wide success and is destined to be one of the most powerful Self-Help films ever. Naazir also produced the powerful DVD series, The Metaphysics of Destiny which is a series of interviews with the most influential visionaries from all walks of life in candid and hard-hitting question and answer sessions.

After overwhelming requests to lecture, Naazir has developed Unleash Your Hidden Power: A Weekend Event for Total Life Mastery in Atlanta, GA. The Conference is held every March and September. In his seminars, Naazir teaches attendees advanced spiritual practices and brain-based techniques for personal transformation and success in life.

Naazir is all about ACTION and RESULTS! He empowers a wide range of diverse people with practical, usable techniques to transform their lives without a lot of fluff and irrelevant information. Naazir challenges the entire human race to take responsibility as the most intelligent beings on the planet. He is calling humanity to step up to our POWER to transform ourselves from the inside out so that we may transform our world.

Naazir Ra, 44, resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and children.